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This website was created to showcase some of the projects that Cheryl Johnson has worked on, and to demonstrate a few key aspects of her role for each project.

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What Cheryl Does

Client Communication

Client Communication

  • Gather, document, and simplify the initial project information
  • Parse through the information for key points
  • Communicate schedules and updates
  • Explain terms and pipelines, if needed
  • Discuss reviews and revisions
Project Management

Project Management

  • Build schedules for project milestones and check-ins
  • Plan out the creation of every asset for every artist on the team and off-site
  • Track assets as they move between the clients and artists throughout the project


  • Create asset delivery and communication pipeline(s)
  • Find outsourcers and pitch project(s)
  • Create, deliver, fill out, and file legal documents
  • Assign tests and assets, and communicate feedback
  • Mediate between the Art Director and outsourcers
Team Management

Team Management

  • Streamline the documentation, information, and communication pipelines
  • Work with project managers, outsourcing managers, and art directors to keep team goals aligned
  • Assign assets to artists and provide all needed instructions and documentation
Art Direction

Art Direction

  • Define the art style and/or adapt to an existing art style
  • Find reference images and create a style guide
  • Communicate visual needs to artists and leads
  • Build reference sheets and instructions for each asset
  • Create art tests and supporting documentation
Art Revisions

Art Revisions

  • Review finished artwork for consistency
  • Produce redlines and other feedback documents
  • Review feedback with artists
  • Demonstrate needed changes
  • Adjust artwork as needed to bring it to final

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What People are Saying

“My experiences with Cheryl have been nothing but the best. She is very detail orientated, she’ll ask good questions if anything is unclear and finds solutions to any problems that arise during development of any illustration project. On top of that she is always positive with a “can do” attitude.” .                                                                                                               .

Top qualities: Personable , On Time , High Integrity

Jeremy Cranford
Senior Art Manager, Blizzard Entertainment Inc.

“Cheryl is a cheerful and dynamic force to have on any team. In the time I worked with her I never once heard anything negative. She was up late, picking up tasks as required, occasionally pitching in to complete art and moving the projects forward with a positive and energetic attitude. I hope to have the opportunity to work with her again.”

Josh Rose
President, Flying Wisdom Studios

“Cheryl managed many of the projects I was on when we worked together at Present Creative. She was not only excellent at keeping everything and everyone on track, but was extremely well-informed on the details of all her projects and always readily available to answer any and all questions regarding them. If she didn’t have the full answer, she would promptly find whoever did. In a studio where I jump between multiple projects almost every day, this attention to detail and clarity was the most helpful thing she could have done, and she did it fantastically.

Cheryl was a joy to work with and I’ll miss her terribly.”

Hadidjah Chamberlin
3D / Technical Artist, Present Creative LLC.

“I have worked with Cheryl for the past year at Present Creative. Together we pushed out a massive amount of assets under incredibly tight deadlines. It is her clarity of instruction and her ability to stay on top of changes that has saved me time and time is money in the freelance world. Cheryl’s clear accurate description of the tasks at hand, her quick reply to questions, and her ability to articulate criticism without offending my artistic sensibilities is a gift that cannot be taught. It has been a pleasure working with Cheryl and I hope to work with her again in the near future. I would highly recommend Cheryl to anyone who needs a Champion Producer.”

Stefan Schuch
Freelance Artist, Self-employed