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FarmVille is a farming simulation social networking game. Once the most popular game on Facebook, the gameplay involves various aspects of farm management, such as plowing land; planting flowers and crops; growing plants; harvesting crops, trees, and bushes, and raising livestock. Players can also buy items with in-game coins or real money, and can send items as gifts. Likewise, they can also receive gifts and supplies, and can visit their friend’s farm and/or invite their friends to come visit their farm and perform various tasks and chores. Farmville has also had a number of partnerships with various companies in its history, such as McDonald’s, Discover Card, Bing, and 7-Eleven, which have contributed to both new in-game items and real life advertising campaigns.

Farmville is still up and running with an estimated 8 million+ users (2013), and can be accessed from Zynga’s website.